Using Hashid With Laravel (instead of UUID)

Hashids are string encrypting the primary key, perfect for customer-facing ids! Forget about UUIDs.

Use simple Stripe-like hashids with Laravel. The database only knows about auto-incrementing integer IDs but the application will expose random string attributes. Simple!

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Make PHP lib functions like dump() or dd() globally available

Never use var_dump() again, even when you work outside Laravel or Symfony

It happens that I work with PHP outside of Laravel or Symfony, typically when working on a lib, and I always miss the dump and dd function. Do you remember var_dump or print_r? I don't want to have to use that! I found a simple way to always preload PHP library. I shouldn't say p...

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Set up Caddy and PHP-fpm on Ubuntu 18.04

Handle automatic on-demand SSL certificate for as many domain as you need

Caddy is a new webserver with very interesting features, like automatic HTTPS or serving markdown files and turning them into HTML on the fly. It's written in Go, so you get a complete binary without any other system dependencies. It will replace Nginx or Apache in your stack. I...

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Setting up Discourse on Laravel Forge

Setup Discourse with SSL on a server managed with Laravel Forge

My server is manager with Laravel Forge, mostly because I found that setting up new project with SSL takes a lot of time. Plus, I never know if I "did it right". Forge is great if you use PHP, typically Laravel, WordPress or Symfony, but with something else, it can be t...

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Setting up Horizon and Spark with Laravel Forge

Using Spark Kiosk to authenticate to Horizon and setting up Supervisor with Laravel Forge

I have recently started working on a new project that I expect to show in a couple of days. When I started, the technical stack was a no brainer for me: Laravel, Spark, Forge and Algolia. Unfortunately, I found that it was not clear how to combine them all. I will share with you...

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